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Free and fair trade with Mexico – Why NAFTA needs an upgrade


There is much criticism on the left side of the political spectrum about President Donald Trump’s satisfied that NAFTA should be re negotiated with Mexico, and do not think Canada is not also a little worried about this, even if Canada is not the purpose of the new negotiations, they are part of NAFTA also part you know. It seems that Mexico is very concerned that NAFTA is in danger, and foreign direct investment in Mexico looks like it has fallen off a cliff since elected Trump.

Why is a think tank Founder like me for a review and renegotiation of NAFTA, you ask? Simply because we are “free and fair” market need, we do not have that now. When I heavily loaded equipment to Mexico the ship as imports. China expects huge amounts of our imports, we do not reciprocate. Free and Fair is a smart negotiation rule the market to have deals. also Trump wants to reduce the corporate income tax, reducing the corporate income tax will help companies spend some of that money they sit on, investing here repatriate money back to the United States. Trump’s team is also for ditching political correctness and overregulation that will help small businesses – especially if that catches on locally to smaller city, county, state government agencies America needs a reality check, we can not turn our country into.. a La La Land University – look what happens in that bubble of nonsense 40% of the 1.3 trillion college loan debt is in default -. it is a huge crisis. Our professor here still sees arrive at dialogue – something must be done, this crisis Trump Administration, along with the implosion of Obamacare, ISIS crisis could describe the EU’s financial collapse -. Plot

I still do not understand why Mexico I count 40% import duty and I buy as many of their products, such as tomatoes, for example, grown in areas where workers defecate in the fields, and the farmers are not our rules follow, they sell in our markets on a huge advantage of labor, regs, put our farmers in California business, all so Warren Buffett can get a huge boost in the stock Heinz Corp. and John Kerry can reap enormous wealth, a day after he reports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and put its financial transactions in the Trust. Both parties do such things, it makes me sick.

Our Commerce Department works for large companies and to small businesses, most of our regulators do, it will cost jobs and put smaller firms out of business. I think the system is false, inaccurate and Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same, the same tuition policy, to be called health, politically correct policy, finally, I was just tired of a racist. So now it’s our turn to fix things. Think on this.


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